Kaith Janke


He’s an unlikely business success. Keith Janke left school at fifteen to work on the family dairy farm in South East Queensland. Now, nearly half a century later, he’s acknowledged as one of Australia’s experts in home-based direct sales, with an aptly named business; WinnersWorld.

Keith has always been driven by a simple philosophy: ‘Those who wait will always be following those who grasp the opportunity’.

At the start, Keith’s career was all about learning practical skills – and then learning to teach them. Early on, he completed a four-year apprenticeship as a carpenter and joiner. Then he went back to school to qualify as a Manual Arts teacher, teaching at high schools in Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

All was going well until Cyclone Tracy demolished their Darwin home in December 1974. Moving to a rented home with no telephone in Perth, Keith went ‘back to school’ and successfully completed a four-year post-graduate course in Industrial Design which led to a position as a University lecturer. Around the same time Keith and Colleen began their foray into Network Marketing (NWM).

Keith immediately began teaching others what he had discovered and within three months, was earning more money from his part-time Swipe business than he was from teaching. The obvious step was to go full-time. Within a short time, Keith rose to the top level of the company, achieving many awards, overseas trips, and company car incentives. Keith and Colleen moved to Melbourne when he became the company’s Victorian State Co-ordinator. Together, they raised their state’s sales from fifth position to first in Australia.

While living in Melbourne, Keith was head-hunted by another NWM company, Advanced Life Foods. He joined as a Member with additional duties assisting in corporate training and product seminars across Australia helping thousands of others to enrich their lives. This resulted in Keith and Colleen moving back to QLD and within three years Keith and Colleen had achieved the top Member position, and accounted for as much as 40% of that company’s monthly sales volume. Keith went on to become General Manager.

A period as an industry consultant then followed. In 2004, Keith and Colleen moved to Balranald, a remote country town of Australia, to be closer to their grandchildren and to semi-retire in a home beside the Murrumbidgee River.

Retirement was not to last long; That same year, Keith found himself flying to the USA to meet the founders of ACN, an International NWM Company about to launch in Australasia. Keith quickly realised the intrinsic value of their programme. Here was an opportunity to be ‘paid on bills’ every time someone used an essential service, a service everyone needs every day. Keith recognised it as a proposition unique within the NWM industry – and went for it.

Quickly building up a successful team, Keith & Colleen helped drive ACN’s roll-out across Australia and were the first to be promoted to the position of Regional Vice President.

Keith and Colleen firmly believe in the NWM dynamic; living – and enjoying the life of time-freedom that a home-based business offers. They have always put their faith first; family second; and business third. While building ACN, Keith has maintained his veggie garden and continues to ‘stand in’ as a tractor driver for his son-in-law. At heart, he remains an artisan and loves to work on small building projects. As well as furniture restoration, in recent years Keith has also restored a classic Mercedes Benz, and all the while he continues to develop his home-based International ACN Business.

Keith believes anyone can have success if they are committed, apply self-discipline, and learn from the success of others.  Keith says,"The greatest reward is to help others to reach their full potential. That’s where I find the inspiration and motivation to continue my own success".